HumaXpress® Human Cell Expression System

Stem cell, regenerative medicine and cellular therapy labs conducting research, development and clinical trials benefit from the use of authentic human proteins with the best possible activity and stability for human cell-based studies. For this reason, HumanZyme has developed the HumaXpress™ human cell expression system, which produces authentic recombinant HumanKine™ proteins with correct post-translational modifications, subunit assembly, folding, secretion, and stability to ensure the best possible results. Our proprietary HEK293 expression system produces mature, authentically human proteins with native biological function.

HumanKine – Native Human Proteins

Native human post-translational modifications such as glycosylation can play a key role in the activity and stability of cytokines such as EPO, IL-4, VEGF165, and GM-CSF. Correctly glcosylated recombinant human cytokines from a human cell line offer unique advantages over proteins produced in E. coli or CHO cells, including superior stability and activity in cell culture. The HumaXpress system produces proteins with native human folding and glycosylation that often demonstrate superior stability and specific activity over proteins produced in E. coli.

In addition, the HumaXpress system correctly assembles protein subunits, for example human IL-23, a glycosylated heterodimer formed by the two subunits p19 and p40. Mature, native IL-23 from HumanZyme contains both authentic human glycosylation as well as the natural disulfide bond linking the two subunits.

Tag-free Expression – Native Activity and Stability

In contrast to some other protein production systems, HumanZyme’s HumaXpress system does not engineer artificial tags into the gene construct. A tag-free system helps to ensure that the protein retains truly native properties, since a tag may influence binding affinity to the receptor due to different size, charge, and structure.

Stable Gene Transfer, Consistent Protein Yield – Consistency

The HumaXpress system uses is stably transfected cell lines for consistent gene expression and protein yield over 20 passages. A stable gene transfer offers improved lot-to-lot consistency and scale-up capability.

Industrial Cell Culture Process – Bench to Clinic

The HumaXpress human cell expression system was specifically developed to be scalable and meet project protein requirements from bench to clinic. The HumaXpress system also uses chemically defined cell culture medium for optimal control of the quality and consistency of all cell culture components and excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility.