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Authentic Recombinant Human Activin Expressed in Human Cells

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Authentic Recombinant Activin A and BMP-4 Production Using HumanZyme’s Proprietary Human Cell Line Expression Technology

Human TGF-ß superfamily cytokine expression and secretion involves multi-step posttranslational processing in vivo. The in vitro production these proteins including Activin A and BMP-4 in non-human cell expression systems lacking this processing machinery (E. coli, SF9, CHO) often results in a mixture of precursor and mature proteins misformed disulfide bonds, and missing or incorrect glycosylation. To meet the increasing demands for recombinant human Activin A and BMP-4 for stem cell and cell therapy research, HumanZyme has utilized their proprietary human cell (HEK293) expression system for production of HumanKine® Activin A and BMP-4 as the correct, mature, fully processed, active protein with authentic folding, glycosylation, subunit assembly, and disulfide linkages.

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