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Recombinant Human Cystatin C

Product Description:

  • Endotoxin-free
  • Animal-derived product free
  • Available in Bulk
  • High Activity

Xeno-free Recombinant Human Cystatin CHuXp (Cys-C) is expressed in human 293 cells as a monomer with an apparent molecular mass of 12 to 13 kDa. Native Cys-C in human urine is found in two different forms: one with pI 9.2 and the other with pI 7.8 by elimination of small basic peptides or amino acids from the N-terminal end of protein. Cystatin C has been studied for its role in predicting newonset or deteriorating cardiovascular disease. This cytokine is produced in a serum-free, chemically defined media.

Technical Specifications:

  • Species: Human
  • Expression: HEK293 Cell Expressed
  • Activity: ≤ 5 μM IC50
  • Purity: >95%
  • Endotoxin: <1 EU/μg
  • Molecular Mass: 12 to 13 kDa, monomer, nonglycosylated
  • Formulation: 1x PBS

Purity Confirmation:

The protein was resolved by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and the gel was stained with Coomassie blue.

Activity Assay:

The inhibitory function of Cystatin C on papin’s protease activity was measured by a colorimetric assay using L-BAPA as substrate. IC50 value was measured at 5 to 20 μg/mL (0.3 to 1.5 μM) with a range of 1.56μg/mL to 50μg/mL Cystatin C in presence of 0.55μM papain and 0.44μM L-BAPA.

Reconstitution Buffer:

Briefly centrifuge the vial before opening. It is recommended to reconstitute the protein in sterile 1x PBS.

Recombinant Human Cystatin C Graph

Synonyms: Cystatin C Cystatin-C, CystatinC

Cat #: Size Price
HZ-1211 10 µg $207
HZ-1266 100 µg $1,167
HZ-1212 1000 µg $7,410

Human Cell Expressed

Animal Component-Free, Xeno-Free Production