Scott E. Coleridge, CEO

Mr. Coleridge has served as the CEO of Humanzyme, Inc for the past 5 years. A highly experienced life science/medical technology executive, Mr. Coleridge worked at Millipore as Biotechnology Market Manager before entering the world of early stage companies. He served as CEO of Synthon Chiragenics (sold to Avecia), was Co-Founder of Apple Medical (sold to Cooper Surgical), and Executive Vice President of FEI Women’s Health (sold to Barr Laboratories/Teva Pharmaceuticals), developer of the only non-hormonal female contraceptive. Mr. Coleridge has spent more than 20 years starting or being part of the senior management team of several early-stage life science companies, including Kingston Diagnostics, developer of the first whole blood cholesterol test (Licensed to Warner Lambert/Pfizer). After the sale of FEI to Barr Laboratories in 2005, Mr. Coleridge joined Morningside Technology Advisory, LLC. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Excera Orthopedics and Vioptix, Inc.