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Product Description:

PDGFs are mitogenic during early developmental stages, driving the proliferation of undifferentiated mesenchyme and some progenitor populations. During later maturation stages, PDGF signaling has been implicated in tissue remodeling and cellular differentiation, and in inductive events involved in patterning and morphogenesis. In addition to driving mesenchymal proliferation, PDGFs have been shown to direct the migration, differentiation and function of a variety of specialized mesenchymal and migratory cell types, both during development and in the adult animal. PDGF plays a role in embryonic development, cell proliferation, cell migration, and angiogenesis. PDGF is a required element in cellular division for fibroblast, a type of connective tissue cell. PDGF is also known to maintain proliferation of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells. Platelet-derived growth factor subunit B is also known as PDGFB, FLJ12858, PDGF2, SIS, SSV, c-sis, is a member of the platelet-derived growth factor family.

Technical Specifications:

  • Species: Human
  • Expression: HEK293 Cell Expressed
    • Activity: Assay 1: Typically 0.02-0.6 μg/mL
    • Assay 2: Typically 1-10 ng/mL
  • Purity: >90%
  • Endotoxin: <1.0 EU/μg
  • Molecular Mass: 25 kDa
  • Formulation: Acetonitrile and TFA
  • Country of Origin: USA

Purity Confirmation:

This was determined by SDS-PAGE.

Activity Assay:

Assay#1: Measured by its binding ability in a functional ELISA.

Assay#2: The bio-activity was determined by dose-dependent stimulation of the proliferation of mouse 3T3 cells.

Reconstitution Buffer:

See Certificate of Analysis for reconstitution instructions and specific concentrations.


Lyophilized Protein should be stored at -20° or lower for long term storage. Upon reconstitution, working aliquots should be stored at -20° or -70°. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Cat #: Size Price
HZ-7214 20 µg $267
HZ-7215 50 µg $576
HZ-7216 1000 µg $6,528

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