Human Cell Expressed

HumanKine® growth factors and cytokines: made from human
genes in human cells for the best human-relevant research tools.

Xeno-Free, Animal-Free.

Consistent growth factors and cytokines derived from stable,
serum-free, chemically defined culture.

Ready To Scale-Up?

HumanZyme can offer bulk quantities of growth factors and
cytokines for large-scale studies and beyond.

World Wide Distribution

We have distributors all across the globe including Europe,
Asia and North America

Completely Human Growth Factors and Cytokines

HumanZyme, Inc. is the global leader in providing highly authentic recombinant human proteins from human cells. HumanZyme leverages its proprietary engineered human cells, expression vector, and cell culture media to ensure high-yield production of recombinant proteins with native human post-translational modifications, such as disulfide bonds and glycosylation. Thus, HumanKine proteins possess not only the utmost quality for the best possible experimental results but are also affordable and scalable to meet the demands of industrial biopharmaceutical and cellular therapy customers. For applications in stem cell biology, immunology, and other disciplines, HumanKine growth factors and cytokines will enable achievement of the desired results regardless of project stage