HumanKine® Recombinant Human Cytokines: made from human
genes in human cells for the best human-relevant research tools.

Xeno-Free, Animal-Free.

Consistent growth factors and cytokines derived from stable,
serum-free, chemically defined culture.

Ready To Scale-Up?

HumanZyme can offer bulk quantities of growth factors and
cytokines for large-scale studies and beyond.

World Wide Distribution

We have distributors all across the globe including Europe,
Asia and North America

Completely Recombinant Human Cytokines and Human Growth Factors

HumanZyme, Inc. is the global leader in providing highly authentic recombinant human cytokines and growth factors expressed from human cells. HumanZyme leverages its proprietary engineered human cell lines, expression vectors, and cell culture media to ensure high-yield production of recombinant proteins with native human post-translational modifications such as glycosylation, disulfide bonds, and subunit assembly.


HumanKine recombinant human growth factors and cytokines are manufactured from a HEK293 human cell line to produce proteins with native human posttranslational modifications. These native-like recombinant human proteins give researchers the best opportunity to enable achievement of the desired results regardless of project stage.


HumanZyme offers the highest quality recombinant growth factors, cytokines and interleukins (such as Activin A, BMP-4, TGF beta 1, IL-6, IL-17, IL-2 and GM-CSF) to meet the application demands of industrial biopharmaceutical and academic customers, from basic research on stem cell differentiation, development of biological therapeutics and immune modulating cell therapies. We strive to offer new, difficult to express human proteins for stem cell differentiation and maintenance and for applications in stem cell biology, immunology, developmental biology, and other disciplines.


HumanKine recombinant human cytokines and growth factors are tag-free and animal-product free proteins, are scalable, and are competitively priced.


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